Life in the UK Test Tips: How I Passed the Citizenship Test TWICE!!

Passing the Life in the UK Test is vital if you want to progress your application for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Once you are successful, the certificate allows you to live and work indefinitely in the United Kingdom as a permanent resident.

If you intend to go one stage further and become a British citizen, you cannot apply until you have completed the Life in the UK Test.

Many people become understandably nervous about the test as failure could seriously affect their future plans. Hopefully, these Life in the UK test tips will help you pass with flying colours.

Life in the UK Test Tips

1. Get the handbook

The best way to start preparing for the test is to use the latest edition of the handbook. It’s available in print or as an e-book and contains information about all the different sections you need to know. It guides you on what to learn and helps you realise what the questions might be about. 

In each chapter, there are useful explanations, lists and summaries to simplify the key points in subjects such as the role of the monarchy in the British constitution. It will even include a few Life in the UK test questions to help you become familiar with the format.

2. Be prepared

Sitting an exam of any kind is likely to be a disaster if you haven’t revised thoroughly beforehand. From taking a driving test to learning a new skill for a job, everything we do has to be practiced time and again to become competent. Try to think of the Life in the UK Test as being a normal part of your day. 

You’re probably already familiar with some of the topics the test covers. For instance, you might already have an interest in famous British books, films or music. However, there’s a great deal to learn so it’s best to give yourself as much time as possible to prepare.

3. Learn to relax

It is a computerised test containing twenty-four questions based on different aspects of a British way of life such as politics and history. The questions are presented in a multiple-choice format with a list of possible answers and you simply choose the correct one.

It’s the most relaxed form of taking an exam as the choices themselves usually remind you of what you’ve been learning. 

The test lasts for forty-five minutes, although some people, including myself, were able to complete it in under five minutes. It shows that there is no need to panic as you are allowed plenty of time to think about your answers.

4. Be confident

You need to achieve a score of at least 75% which is the equivalent of eighteen correct answers out of twenty-four. It means that even if you have a few questions that do seem impossible to answer, don’t worry too much about them, there’s still a very good chance that you can achieve the Life in the UK test pass mark.

If you should fail, don’t be despondent as you are allowed to take the test as often as you like until you reach your current Leave to Remain time limit.

5. Have fun learning

One of the best Life in the UK Test tips is to have some fun learning instead of allowing it to become an unpleasant chore. It’s amazing how much more information you can absorb when you’re enjoying yourself.

Have regular days out visiting places of interest such as Stonehenge or exhibitions at a local museum to help bring all the facts to life. 

If you haven’t the time to go on a day trip, there are plenty of free virtual online tours including one of the Great Hall at Hampton Court.

Live webcams are set up all over the country and provide you with a good appreciation of what areas such as the harbour at Whitby are like without actually going there.

6. Play quiz games

Although you can find at least one Life in the UK Mock Test in your handbook, there are plenty of enjoyable ways to test your knowledge.

Watch television quiz shows where the contestants are asked exactly the type of questions you might find in the test.

Better yet, join a local quiz team where your power of memory recall will soon become fast and accurate because people are relying on you to help them win.

7. Double-check documents

When you feel ready to take your test, you need to allow three or more days when you reserve your booking on the Official Government Website. One of the main concerns of the staff supervising your test is that you are exactly who you claim to be. 

When booking, take care to list your details correctly such as including any middle names that are on your passport or photographic travel document and ensure you bring the right documents on the day. If you forget one you won’t be allowed to take the test and will have to apply again.


Having made a conscious decision to become a British citizen or a permanent resident, it indicates you already have a strong affinity with the country. You might even be naturally interested in the UK’s values, laws and customs so learning the information should be a pleasure.

By following our Life in the UK Test tips, you’ll become knowledgeable, confident and by being relaxed you’ll probably pass the test with ease.

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