Life in the UK Test Practice 2021

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1. Following the 2010 General Election, which two political parties formed a Coalition Government? (Choose 2 answers)

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2. TRUE or FALSE: Andy Murray is a famous footballer.

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3. As a UK resident, you must ____ and ___. (Choose 2 answers)

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4. When do some Christians start observing Lent?

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5. Who should you contact if you need to apply for a National Insurance Number?

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6. How old was queen Victoria when she became queen?

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7. TRUE or FALSE: You are allowed to carry a weapon only if you plan to use it for self defence.

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8. TRUE or FALSE: Stephen Hawking is an elected member of the Royal Society.

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9. Which of these best describes a “bank holiday”?

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10. A Special Constable is ___.

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11. After slavery was abolished, over two million migrants arrived from which 2 countries to replace the freed slaves? (Choose 2 answers)

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12. Trading hours are usually reduced on which day of the week?

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13. TRUE or FALSE: Theresa May was the first female Prime Minister in British history.

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14. Who was the first man in the world to run a mile in under four minutes?

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15. Which 2 are famous UK actors? (Choose 2 answers)

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16. All of these are traditional UK foods EXCEPT:

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17. Which electoral procedure is used to elect Members of Parliament in the UK?

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18. To vote in a general election in the UK, you must be at least ____.

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19. TRUE or FALSE: The British Empire abolished slavery by law in 1833.

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20. Which statement below is correct?

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21. Which statement below is correct?

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22. Which statement below is true?

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23. Which statement below is correct?

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24. Which statement below is correct?

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Life in the UK Test Practice 2021