Life in the UK Test Practice 2022

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The pass mark for this practice Life in the UK test is 18 out of 24 and you will get an instant pass or fail grade after submitting your answers. Good luck!

1. Which statement below is true?

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2. Who developed the jet engine during the 1930s?

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3. Which of these best describes a “bank holiday”?

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4. TRUE or FALSE: The Church of England was created by King Henry VIII after he was refused a divorce by the Pope.

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5. The 2012 Paralympic games were hosted in ___.

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6. TRUE or FALSE: The largest national park in England is "The Lake District".

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7. Which statement below is correct?

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8. Which of these is the sign for the British Pound?

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9. Devolved administrators can pass laws on which TWO issues? (Choose 2 answers)

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10. Which TWO served as Prime Minister during the Second World War? (Choose 2 answers)

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11. In which year were British women granted the right to vote?

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12. Who was the first person in England to print books using a printing press?

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13. Which of these are linked to football? (Choose 2 answers)

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14. How old was queen Victoria when she became queen?

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15. A speech is normally given to open the new parliamentary session each year, who gives this speech?

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16. Who is the head of state of the UK?

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17. Who wrote the Harry Potter series of children’s books?

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18. What is the key aim of the United Nations?

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19. All of the following are famous landmarks in England EXCEPT:

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20. A by-election for a Parliamentary seat is usually held ___.

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21. Which statement below is true?

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22. Which statement below is true?

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23. To drive a car or ride a motor cycle in the UK, you must be at least __ years old.

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24. TRUE or FALSE: The Hindoostane Coffee House in George Street London was the first curry house to open in Britain.

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