Life in the UK Test Practice 5

The 24 questions featured in this Life in the UK mock test have been chosen at random to help you practice and prepare for your Citizenship test in 2021.

Please note – there are a few questions that require multiple answers, and the only way to get a point for that question is to select all the correct answers. Good luck!

1. If an individual's legal rights aren't being respected by a public body, which 2 of the following actions can a judge take? (Choose 2 answers)

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2. ___ and ___ were well-known UK inventors of the 20th century. (Choose 2 answers)

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3. There were 60,000 British casualties on the first day of which World War I battle?

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4. TRUE or FALSE: People aged 75 or over are exempt from paying for TV licence.

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5. Which famous series of concerts has been arranged by the BBC since 1927?

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6. Which statement below is true?

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7. Which statement below is true?

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8. Which statement below is true?

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9. Which statement below is true?

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10. Which statement below is true?

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11. Which of the following are well-known horse race events? (Choose 2 answers)

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12. Which statement below is true?

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13. A common phrase is "rain stopped play". Which sport would you normally associate this phrase with?

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14. TRUE or FALSE: The British Empire abolished slavery by law in 1833.

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15. TRUE or FALSE: The largest national park in England is "The Lake District".

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16. The House of Tudor was established by King Henry VII. Its emblem was a rose, what colour was it?

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17. Which statement below is true?

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18. As a UK resident, you must ____ and ___. (Choose 2 answers)

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19. TRUE or FALSE: Lobby and pressure groups work to influence government policies in Britain.

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20. Which British historical event does D-Day refer to?

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21. TRUE or FALSE: King Henry VIII is best known for starting the Church of England and having 6 wives.

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22. Which 2 of the following are famous UK fashion designers? (Choose 2 answers)

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23. What is the UK's National Anthem called?

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24. How do they choose the House of Commons' speaker?

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