Life in the UK Sample Test 2024

The Life in the UK sample test below features 24 practice questions and answers similar to the ones you will face in your real test. All questions were taken from the official revision book for the 2024 Life in the UK test.

Like all of our mock tests, there’s no time limit, so please take your time and go through each question carefully. The pass mark is 18 out of 24. Good luck!

1. Elections for the European Parliament are usually held every ___ years.

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2. In which year did the United Kingdom become a member of NATO?

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3. Which of the following chambers constitute the UK Parliament? (Choose 2 answers)

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4. What is the main role of the shadow cabinet?

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5. What changes were made to UK voting rights in 1969?

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6. Which statement below is correct?

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7. To vote in a general election in the UK, you must be at least ____.

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8. What event is being commemorated on Remembrance Day?

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9. Which types of legal disputes can be settled by a county court? (Choose 2 answers)

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10. Which earnings are exempt from Income Tax?

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11. What popular festival is normally celebrated on the 31st October every year?

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12. TRUE or FALSE. A husband can be charged with rape if he forces his wife to have sex.

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13. TRUE or FALSE: A TV license is required in any household that receives television signals via TV, a digital box, a computer, or a mobile phone.

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14. To drive a car or ride a motor cycle in the UK, you must be at least __ years old.

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15. Which organisation is responsible for the UK's places of historic interest or national beauty?

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16. Which of these are British Overseas Territories? (Choose 2 answers)

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17. TRUE or FALSE: The 1st of April is known as April fool’s day and people normally play jokes on each other.

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18. How often are MOT tests required?

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19. TRUE or FALSE: Life peers at the House of Lords are appointed by the Monarch.

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20. In which year were British women granted the right to vote?

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21. Which of the following traditions are normally held in November every year? (Choose 2 answers)

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22. TRUE or FALSE. Isaac Newton was a famous poet from the 18th century.

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23. Which electoral procedure is used to elect Members of Parliament in the UK?

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24. Which of the following celebrations is not a bank holiday?

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Life in the UK Mock Test 2024