Life in the UK Test Practice 9

The Life in the UK mock test below features 24 questions taken from the Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents handbook.

Just like the real test, all of our Life in the UK mock tests are based on the contents of this book – please ensure you read it cover to cover to ensure you’re fully prepared for the test. Good luck!

1. What date is St George's Day in England?

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2. A Special Constable is ___.

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3. Which statement below is true?

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4. TRUE or FALSE: People in the iron age spoke a Celtic-based language.

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5. In which year was the modern Union Flag officially adopted?

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6. Which Prime Minister gave the famous "Wind of Change" speech?

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7. What was the “Restoration” about?

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8. In which year was the Good Friday Agreement signed?

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9. The Ashes is a cricket competition played between England and which other country?

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10. Which statement below is true?

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11. TRUE or FALSE: George of Hanover became King of England after Queen Anne died?

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12. Which of these is the sign for the British Pound?

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13. “The Hansard” is the name given to:

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14. TRUE or FALSE: A police officer can become a magistrate.

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15. Which political party won the first UK election after World War II?

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16. TRUE or FALSE: The Laurence Oliver awards is an event that celebrates British theatre.

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17. TRUE or FALSE: The Bronze Age came before the iron age.

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18. Which statement below is correct?

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19. What was an underlying factor behind the Troubles?

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20. Which statement below is true?

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21. What is the official status of the Isle of Man?

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22. Which statement below is true?

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23. Which TWO are novels by Jane Austen? (Choose 2 answers)

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24. How many pence makes one Pound?

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