life in the uk test 2

Life in the UK Test Practice 2

The Life in the UK mock test below features 24 random questions and answers to help you practice and prepare for your British Citizenship test in 2021.

There’s no time limit on any of our Life in the UK practice tests, so please read each question carefully as some questions may require multiple answers. Good luck!

1. Which of the following events extended the maximum duration of Parliament to 10 years?

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2. Which of the following is NOT a shared responsibility for UK citizens?

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3. Which of the following does NOT have British Overseas Territory status?

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4. TRUE or FALSE: Mary, Queen of Scots, was a direct relative of Queen Elizabeth I.

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5. TRUE or FALSE: The Restoration refers to a period when the Catholic Church was re-established as England's official church during the 19th century.

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6. The Parliament Building of Northern Ireland is also known as:

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7. Which of the following is a fundamental principle of life in the UK?

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8. What period of time is known as “Tudor England”?

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9. Which government department is responsible for collecting taxes?

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10. Which countries were involved in the Hundred Years' War?

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11. What is the official name of the British currency?

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12. Which important reform was a result of the adoption of the Beveridge Report?

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13. The members of the House of Lords are also known as:

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14. Which statement below is true?

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15. Which important historical event is celebrated on 5 November?

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16. Income derived from TV licensing payments are used to ___.

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17. TRUE or FALSE: The names Great Britain and the United Kingdom mean the same.

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18. Which statement below is correct?

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19. Which statement below is correct?

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20. TRUE or FALSE: Stephen Hawking is an elected member of the Royal Society.

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21. Where is the British Parliament based?

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22. TRUE or FALSE: UK residents in receipt of Income Support benefits do not have to pay prescription charges.

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23. Which statement below is correct?

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24. Following the 2010 General Election, which two political parties formed a Coalition Government? (Choose 2 answers)

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Life in the UK Test Practice 2021